Prescribing Daily Stomach Pumping to Fat People

Um no thank you! Okay people I’m going to say it again…there is no such thing as a quick fix! If there was there would be no diet industry. They don’t care about your health by creating these ridiculous things to help you lose weight. They are thinking about their bottom line. They don’t care what happens to you after you alter your body with their weight loss methods. What side effects you suffer if any. They’d go out of business if there was a magic trick to make us fatties get skinny. Think about that.

Dances With Fat

WTFThe FDA has approved a device called the AspireAssist, in which a thin tube is placed in the patient’s stomach that connects to a button on the outside of their stomach.  After each meal the patient uses the tube and a handheld device to pump up to 30% of the meal out of their stomach and into the toilet. I’m going to address the claims on their website, but first I want to talk about a misconception

[Trigger Warning – Eating Disorder talk for the next two paragraphs] The company that makes it claims that it isn’t an “assisted bulimia” device because they say in their fine print that it shouldn’t be used by people with bulimia.  That is, of course, ridiculous and it’s certainly possible that this device my be used by people dealing with bulimia and/or my perpetuate the development of bulimia.  But it should be clear this isn’t actually…

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9 thoughts on “Prescribing Daily Stomach Pumping to Fat People

  1. Wow this is… horrifying that someone would think of this. Even worse, someone thought it was a good idea and approved it! Thank you so much for sharing this. DancesWithFat is a great blog with huge amounts of information. I will be passing this on to others!

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