Jeffrey Star cosmetics


Just a quick thing I wanted to vent about. I was searching Jeffrey Star cosmetics to see what the fuse was about on a sales site I’m on and I come across this shade. Call me sensitive but I found this appallingly. No thank you. I don’t want my lips the same color my arms used to be. I’ll keep my money thanks. I think this is in poor taste.

Am I being ridiculous?


9 thoughts on “Jeffrey Star cosmetics

  1. I agree and a lot of others do too. Jeffree Star does whatever he can to be “shocking” and controversial so people talk about his brand. He and Kat VonD both make questionable choices about the names of their products. KVD has a lipstick called “underage red” that I think is gross. Is red lipstick on an underage girl sexy? Is that a look grown women should want? Makeup companies pick some strange names to make their products “sexy”

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  2. I’d call you sensible, not sensitive. I’m as appalled as you are. I heard this brand has some really good shades and I’ve been meaning to check it out, but the naming has definitely put me off now.


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