Touring your own city

The following passage is from the article New York City Welcomed Record 58.3 Million Visitors in 2015

NYC & Company President and CEO Fred Dixon reported that New York City’s total of 58.3 million visitors last year was 1.8 million more than 2014, with the overall estimate consisting of 46 million domestic and 12.3 million international travelers…

Not only did New York City break its all-time visitors record in 2015, but the domestic and international travelers numbers also broke their respective previous records.

58.3 million tourists… 58.3 million… I can attest to this from all my grumpy grumblings as I am trying to walk with people moving slowly in front of me stopping to take pictures at the most mundane things… at least to me they are when I am not paying attention on my way to wherever it is I am going. Sorry I just hate getting stuck behind slow walking, being pushed and shoved, not getting a seat on the train, standing on the bus… needless to say it’s been crowded!

However, that number also represents how people love to come to this city. According to the article, New York City has had six straight years of tourism growth. While it is frustrating at times it is essentially a great thing for the city. People come in droves to take the sights of the City and its history. I love its history as well but often time my mind is “where can I go away from here”… I hardly ever take that opportunity to sight see my own backyard. .. unless it is a museum I love museums.

Well two weekends ago that changed. My boyfriend celebrated his birthday and he wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. I’ve been to the Statue when I was a child but it’s been 20 years at least. Ugh I can’t believe I said that… anyway… so we went. The line to get on a boat was about 45 minutes long and the tickets to go into the Statue were sold out but we had a good time anyway. I’ve never been to Ellis Island so that was a super fun experience.

My favorite parts were first trying to look up my family history. My great-grandfather made the voyage over from Italy to America through Ellis Island in 1920.  Secondly, I also enjoy going through the exhibit rooms that showed what people had to go through in order to enter the country. While 98% were let in… 2% were sent away. I want to go back again.

We ended the day at a Brazilian BBQ place in the theater district that was AMAZING! This gavone would go back there in a heartbeat!

Here are some of the photos I took with my phone. I am contemplating getting an actual camera but wondering if it is worth the investment.




That’s all for now! Have you ever been a tourist in your own city?


6 thoughts on “Touring your own city

  1. Ellis Island would be very interesting. We didn’t there on our visit a few years ago. Here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we also have an immigration museum. Pier 21. Halifax was also a major center for immigration where the ships would land and disperse new citizens across the country.


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