NYCC: Frequently complained complaints!


I don’t like being this person but I am going to do it anyway. One of the things that gets to me is when people complain about something that was repeated numerous times. Reading is fundamental and when people fail to follow rules that are laid out very plainly, and have been advertised over and over on the website and across all social media platforms (I know you have your phones in your hands), I have no pity. 

It has been proven time and time and time again that most people do NOT read! Back in May New York Comic Con announced that you had to be fan verified in order to purchase tickets. This was in effort to weed out the scalpers so that fans can purchase tickets at the original asking price. So what happened? Some people verified. Some people didn’t. Some people who verified didn’t know friends and family had to and bought tickets for them. Some of those who verified didn’t get tickets because they sold out (partially due to tickets being bought for unverified would-be attendees). It’s a messy situation that could have been avoided if people read.

Here is a list of Frequently Complained Complaints:

Complaint numero uno:  I didn’t know all my friends and/or family needed to be fan verified…

What an extremely avoidable problem! Let’s take a look… (beware things with words to follow)…

See one of their announcements below. See the big bright red letters? That looks important!



Visiting the website you stumble across this page that also has this strange writing on it. Turned out reading these words decoded some very pertinent details.. (obviously I screenshot this today as there is no longer fan verification).


I know I know… it’s looooooooong… I mean look at all those bullet points and tiny paragraphs! And those little links that I assume lead to other information UGHHHH why must I read to understand how to do something? WHY GOD WHY!!!!

What if you’re not one of those fans that stalk the site and set timers for when registration opens? What if sometimes you need a little reminder? Hey that’s cool it’s not like they didn’t send out these advertisements across social media platforms like a bazillion times!

Missed the deadline? Awesome they even extended it… and told you about it! So bright… so red…


They even let you know that your entire posse needed to be verified…


I know I know there is like more than 20 words on these advertisements… so much reading ugh my brain can take it!!!

You work and have a life? Reading takes up too much of your time so why should you have to do it? Well so do I and yet I carved out a 2 minute time block to quickly register myself because I wanted to be able to have the chance to attend. I even carved out another 2 minutes and registered my boyfriend so he didn’t forget.

Complain numero due…I made a purchase and now I want to go back and make another purchase but my link doesn’t work….


I know I’m so sorry more words but hey lookie there in the middle… that bold sentence under the link… what does that say? Oh only one transaction per link…

Complaint numero tre…Why doesn’t the link still work? It is asking for an access code.


Hold up what is that group of letters say in the error box? Cooouuupooonn uuussaggee lllimmmit reeeacheeeed. I know I know it’s confusing!

Complaint numero quattro…Why can’t I assign my tickets today? It is not working! I just bought my tickets… today… June 29th… when they went on sale because they sold out so quickly…


UGH why do you keep shoving these letters at me?

Because if you look right there on your confirmation page…before you even get to the actual url… it states that it doesn’t start until June 30th at 12pm…

Complaint numero cinque… Scalpers still bought up the 4 and 3 day passes and jacked up the prices on Ebay and Stubhub… see see look at this picture of all the scalpers selling passes….


Patience people patience! Guess what happens if they don’t find buyers and assign these tickets to a fan verified email address before July 14th? They get CANCELED and REFUNDED and tickets will all of a sudden become available again!

But Stephanie how do you know this to be true?

Well besides it being in the previous email about how to assign tickets… NYCC mentioned it on their social media accounts…


I will end our frequent complained complaints here as pretty much every one is some variation of the above. People are now trying to gather forces for NYCC to reopen the fan verification. Personally I don’t think they should do this. If people can’t follow the rules they should have to accept that and next year do more than skim over the words and read more carefully. How else are they to learn?

Should NYCC reopen fan verification and allow everyone a third chance…. then they should hold a required panel for reading comprehension!

Am I saying I am perfect and don’t make mistakes? HELL NO! But I can read and follow instructions when it pertains to something I really really want to do.

Yes I understand that this entire post is very condescending, and I apologize if you didn’t follow these steps for some reason or another that didn’t involve your ability to read, but gosh darn it if it wasn’t very therapeutic!




9 thoughts on “NYCC: Frequently complained complaints!

  1. I can honestly that I made a mistake when trying to get tickets, hey I happens. To be honest the fan verification isn’t going to weed out scalper, and I will tell you why it is very easy to create fake email addresses I did with that on my job all the time, when we run promotions. I feel that if you really want to cut back on scalpers link the tickets to the purchaser I.D. if each ticket is link to an I.D. (drivers license or passport) that should cut the scalping down.


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