Funny but accurate!

Funny but accurate!

I came across this post on one of the librarian groups I follow on Facebook. At first I thought it was serious until I realized the site posts satire. It is a blog geared towards the business professional but I am pretty sure most of the content can be applied to other career paths or people in general.

Anyway  this post I want to share with you is a pretty accurate depiction of how I “assert” myself to others. Man or woman I can be fearful of either

  1. Sounding like I don’t know what I am talking about
  2. Offend others with my opinions
  3. (or for lack of a better word… ) Bitchy.


The title of the blog post is 9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women. Check it out for the authors commentary. For my purposes I will comment whether I am “Threatening” or “Non-threatening”… probably be a good barometer on what I need to work on!


















When all else fails!

I seem to be split down the middle! I don’t want to sound pushy or annoying…. yet I do not like to have things repeated at me and if my idea is repeated and people thought it was good I’ll chime that little fact in from example #4… I should try the mustache approach!

That time I had a stalker…

That time I had a stalker…


Recent events happening around where I work have brought back the memory of the time I had a stalker. Yup… big girls get stalkers too… granted this one was 61 at the time of initial contact… but whatever it was creepy.  Continue reading

Being “plus-sized” at the beach

Being “plus-sized” at the beach

Sometimes being a fat person is not easy. People seem to think it is okay to dislike you and judge you purely on the fact that you carry more weight then they do. Other people think that just looking at you is a great barometer for how healthy you are and therefore, because they are thinner and obviously healthier, can also judge you. It also seems as though this type of discrimination is not even all that frowned upon. My full appreciation goes out to all the fat activists out there trying to make the world a better place for us who carry a little extra but are still awesome people!

I don’t know about you but some things used to have this aura of exclusivity. For example, I feared the gym because I was fat… I feared boys because I was fat… I feared dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, and anything sleeveless because I was fat… and this post is dedicated to one of my all time fears that I have kicked right in the ass… The beach! It will no longer just feel like a sanctuary for the skinny!

Continue reading

I can’t quit


He says to me, “Quit your job.”

Confused I say, “But I need a job. You said I needed a job.”

“Not that one. Quit. Right now. Write an email.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t. We need the money,” I said trying to reason with him.

His voice gets louder. “It’s only part time it does nothing.”

“It’s better than nothing!” I cry.

His face gets angry and his voice even louder as he yells, “I don’t want you working there. You wouldn’t even have known if I didn’t tell you!”

I’m scared now but I still try to reason with him. “I can’t quit I just started.”

He leaps from the bed and tackles me backwards to the bedroom floor. Sitting over me holding a pair of scissors.

“Say you’re going to quit or I’m going to stab you.”

I plead with him: “Please stop I need a job you said so yourself. Please stop.”

“I’m going to count to three.”



I brace for impact.

He throws the scissors away and storms off.

Why I won’t consider bariatric surgery

Why I won’t consider bariatric surgery

I am a member of several groups that are predominately women and guess what topic is always hot?

If you said weight loss you are 100% correct. This is followed by clothes, make-up, and who is being a bitch.

I tell ya that topic of having weight loss surgery comes up frequently and the prevalent reason that they want this surgery is to be thinner. They want to lose weight. I get that who doesn’t?


I want to lose weight. Hell I’m probably more than a 100 pounds over weight but you’ll never hear me utter the words “Should I get weight loss surgery.” I can’t do it folks. Unless I am actually dying and my life depended on it leave my organs alone! I will continue on this road of slowly losing the weight. Thank you hypothyroidism! Continue reading

The next face of Torrid 2017?

The next face of Torrid 2017?

My apologies I know I have been a pretty shitty blogger as of late. The reason for this is I was taking a website coding class in June and currently a public library law class that ends August 15th.  I haven’t done school since 2013 so I was getting my study legs under me. The classes are online which is a whole other animal than having to attend in person. You really have to be self-regulating. I got an A in the first one and I am hoping for the same results in the second. Rest assured I have a few drafts pending that I will be posting this week. Topics such as bariatric surgery, being plus-sized at the beach, anonymity of the internet, insecurities,  and open ex letters! However, today I want to discuss my foray into wannabe modeling! Continue reading