Thank you, Thank you!

What a weekend full of fun and love!

On Friday my boyfriend surprised me with an ice cream cake. When I got out of the shower I walked into the living room and there it was all lit-up!


Looking at this photo now I realize why there were matches on the coffee table this morning. Duh!

On Saturday, my actual birthday, my parents cooked up some awesome food for my friends and I. It was a gloomy day outside so jumping in the pool was an unfortunate pass but we had fun anyway. Least I think everyone did! They tell me they did so I’ll believe them 🙂

To close out the night we played a round of Cards against Humanity. This game is probably one of my favorites. My boyfriend and I tied at the end with 6 cards each and played a tie breaker that I took for the win! Turns out we are both messed up, sick sense of humor individuals and that further solidifies our compatibility as a couple ha!

Besides that post shopping trip photo I forgot to take pictures of the evening festivities. I guess you can say I was living full in the moment.

I did get a nice shot of me and my birthday buddy though! Two years ago my fur baby was born on my birthday! How weird is that?

His mama is my aunt’s cat.

On Sunday I woke up with a headache. Fun times! We were going to meet up with some friends at the Brooklyn Bridge park for a picnic but that wasn’t happening. I think we were also all just tired from the late night.

Sunday evening my boyfriend took me to a lovely little Italian restaurant, PT Restaurant, in Williamsburg. It was quiet and the food was really good. I wore one of the outfits he bought me for my birthday.


34 years young and yes I will still wear my hair in pigtails and pink lots of pink!

After dinner we went for a walk and had some amazing ice cream at Davey’s Ice Cream. I had roasted pistachio. Yummy!

To end the evening out we stopped at a street carnival that we spotted on our way home. I won a stuffed doggie in my favorite color! I’m like super good at the water pistil race games… don’t mess with me I’ll squirt ya!

This man is super special. He spoils me by treating me like a person not a punching bag. For my 30th birthday wanna know what I got? A punch in my head. Yup a punch in my dam head. Knocked me right to the ground.

However, this man right here… this awesome and handsome most special person… when he tells me he loves me I believe him a million percent. I’m so lucky to have him in my life. He truly is my other half. I feel whole again!

Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes they were greatly appreciated!


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