The next face of Torrid 2017?

My apologies I know I have been a pretty shitty blogger as of late. The reason for this is I was taking a website coding class in June and currently a public library law class that ends August 15th.  I haven’t done school since 2013 so I was getting my study legs under me. The classes are online which is a whole other animal than having to attend in person. You really have to be self-regulating. I got an A in the first one and I am hoping for the same results in the second. Rest assured I have a few drafts pending that I will be posting this week. Topics such as bariatric surgery, being plus-sized at the beach, anonymity of the internet, insecurities,  and open ex letters! However, today I want to discuss my foray into wannabe modeling!


My submissions

Yesterday I submitted my application for the Torrid model search for the face of 2017. I didn’t do it last year because I didn’t feel I was good enough to enter. I was wrong. I am good enough. I am good enough to be amongst all the beautiful ladies that have submitted their applications. It may not seem like much but this was a big step for me. If Stephanie from 2013 could see how far she’s come she’d be speechless. I’d love to be chosen so I can represent a brand that makes clothes that bigger girls can feel pretty and sexy in. I want all women to know you are good enough. You can be any size and still wear clothes that are awesome. I still remember the first time I wore capri cut jeans. I spent the day trying to pull my pants lower to hide my ankles. I was showing too much skin! I can never go back to wearing heavy clothes in the heat. All of the fashion possibilities presented to me when I discovered Torrid have changed my views on what is good enough for me.

I know I talk about Torrid a lot. My closet looks like the store. It just has a special connection for me. In January 2014 I visited one for the first time with my aunt. I was just starting to journey back out into the world and I wanted to get “club wear.” My dear friend’s birthday was coming up and I knew we would be going to Don Coqui in Astoria, Queens. I love me some salsa dancing. I had no “going out” clothes. What I left my relationship with was few and raggedy looking. Black and dated. I needed an update. Well I learned about Torrid through another friend who was wearing this amazing blue bodycon dress so I decided to check it out for myself.

I was taken aback by all the cute and sexy clothes I saw around me. I didn’t have much money on me at the time but they were having a clearance sale that worked for my budget. I bought two open stitched sweaters and camis with a pair of… well black pants.

Here is a selfie I took wearing the pink sweater. You can’t see the whole thing but trust me it was cute!


I was still new to my fashion exploration but by Halloween 2014 I was wearing leopard print!


Anywho… I signed up for their rewards program and achieved platinum status sometime last year. I earn 1.5 points for every dollar I spend and a 10 reward every 200 points. I also receive free shipping to my house. So they spoiled me. Every time I look at a different store I can fill my cart up and as soon as I see the shipping costs I question EVERYTHING! I know I am not the only one that does this! I love not having to pay for shipping. Maybe it is a mental thing? For example, Torrid has a new sister company called Lovesick and they have some cute stuff I like but I have yet to purchase anything. Their clothes are also cheaper! However, they have yet to set up a rewards program and charge 6 bucks for shipping.  I hit the x and kept it moving.

All in all I want to learn to be open to trying new things. That is what it came down to when I applied for the Torrid model search. Being open to the possibilities. I am glad that I submitted my application but I am kind of sad that I didn’t go to the live casting event today. Last night as I was filling out the application I became extremely nervous and anxious. This led to a hot flash that made it very difficult to sleep which culminating into waking up at 7am with a horrible headache and calling it off.  That’s okay though because going to the live casting has no bearing on whether or not you get picked and you also weren’t guaranteed an interview. That leaves next year! I will put in my app as soon as it opens and if a live event is nearby I WILL go. I promise you that!

My video according to my friend who filmed and boyfriend was great. I have issues with hearing myself on recording and I think I walk funny! Maybe I will share it with you someday!







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