I can’t quit


He says to me, “Quit your job.”

Confused I say, “But I need a job. You said I needed a job.”

“Not that one. Quit. Right now. Write an email.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t. We need the money,” I said trying to reason with him.

His voice gets louder. “It’s only part time it does nothing.”

“It’s better than nothing!” I cry.

His face gets angry and his voice even louder as he yells, “I don’t want you working there. You wouldn’t even have known if I didn’t tell you!”

I’m scared now but I still try to reason with him. “I can’t quit I just started.”

He leaps from the bed and tackles me backwards to the bedroom floor. Sitting over me holding a pair of scissors.

“Say you’re going to quit or I’m going to stab you.”

I plead with him: “Please stop I need a job you said so yourself. Please stop.”

“I’m going to count to three.”



I brace for impact.

He throws the scissors away and storms off.


8 thoughts on “I can’t quit

  1. Abuse sits on your soul like a thousand pound stone and even after the stone has been removed, you still feel the aftereffects. But time does heal and every day, you feel freer.

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