Being “plus-sized” at the beach

Sometimes being a fat person is not easy. People seem to think it is okay to dislike you and judge you purely on the fact that you carry more weight then they do. Other people think that just looking at you is a great barometer for how healthy you are and therefore, because they are thinner and obviously healthier, can also judge you. It also seems as though this type of discrimination is not even all that frowned upon. My full appreciation goes out to all the fat activists out there trying to make the world a better place for us who carry a little extra but are still awesome people!

I don’t know about you but some things used to have this aura of exclusivity. For example, I feared the gym because I was fat… I feared boys because I was fat… I feared dresses, skirts, shorts, capris, and anything sleeveless because I was fat… and this post is dedicated to one of my all time fears that I have kicked right in the ass… The beach! It will no longer just feel like a sanctuary for the skinny!

By now I have mentioned several times how in the past I have had a dislike of the beach. This is a list of challenges I faced as a “plus-sized” person going to the beach. This is my list and it may or may not be compatible with yours or it may sound down right silly! If there are any challenges I missed or something that you want to contribute please do! Sharing is caring and we can help each other 🙂

Walking on the sand

Sand. It is pretty to look at from afar. Much like snow. To walk in it not so great. It is HOT. It gets EVERYWHERE. It SWALLOWS your foot and makes it hard to walk! I mean is it just me or is walking on the sand a dam workout in and of itself? Depending on the depth of the sand, how far my foot sinks, and how far we are walking, what shoes I am wearing…  I’m like huffing and puffing before we even start setting up! Seriously sand is a real self-esteem killer. I’m not in perfect shape but dam I’m not that bad!

Getting up off the ground

If you get caught between the moon and New York City… sorry that was me! I got big buns hun that block your sun!

Getting up from the ground at the beach is akin to a series of yoga poses.

First you go to a cobra pose


Followed by the child’s pose


Then you lift up into the cow pose


To the cat…


Into the downward facing dog…

Downward Facing Dog

To a standing forward bend…


Moving into the standing cat pose because why not you love cats….


Finally to the mountain pose! Yay you did it! Stand tall and be proud girl that was not easy!


I solved this fun adventure by sitting in a beach chair… oh what an essential this has become and how pleasant it makes sitting out on the beach!

Going to the bathroom

I have to walk on the sand again? I might as well hold it! Not to mention I find public restrooms at the beach to be nasty and very challenging to navigate when you want to remain feeling clean. Just me?


This list was going to be a lot longer but I decided that a bunch of my issues are within the parent word… paranoia. Now I mean it is not all paranoia. We can say no one is looking at you do what you want all day long but you know… some people be staring! Thing is to craft an attitude of “I don’t give a fuck stare all you want I’m going to enjoy my day off regardless of whether or not I have your approval.” Here is my short sub-lisy of issues. 

  1. Uncovering… I used to go to the beach in pants and a shirt over my bathing suit. I would then proceed to sit down and fumble my way out of my extra clothing.
  2. Walking to the water… why did we sit so far? I have to walk past all those people with my thunder thighs? My bathing suits would consist of skirts and I would tug at them all the way to the water… like that little bit of suit covers all this leg! wp-1469448011502.jpg
  3. Eating… yes I am a big girl but big girls get hungry too… food is essential to survival! I need to eat so mind your business!

Beach Body

Every Summer I’d give myself the same speech. I would workout all fall, winter, and spring and I will have a beach body by next summer. I was like Patrick Ewing every year promising the city that the New York Knicks would win the basketball championship.


It took me until this year to give that up. Like the memes say…



You all know the story… my ex used to belittle me to the point of no return. The most searing comment was the “I would like to one year go to the beach without you looking like a beached whale” or some version of words that formed that sentence. He was into the skinny ones that “actually look like a girl.” Lucky for him he found one to marry him…


Finally… The Swimsuit

I used to wear only one type of swimsuit for as long as I can remember… one piece with a skirt. That is it! I felt the most invisible in this type of swimsuit. Last year I branched out a bit and got me a tankini… It was a two piece but the shirt was long and covered my tummy. I am proud to say that this year I went a bit further and bought a non-tankini two piece. Granted my bottoms are still skirts but come on I am showing progress! I still own a one piece because the support in this puppy is AMAZING! Here are a few shots from my beach fun thus far this summer!

I title this one… “When you are trying to look cute and the wind takes over”…

This next one is the first “fatkini” I wore. I love the cherry design! I know I am cheating with the high waist skirt!

Finally I got this BEAUTIFUL pink one that I just adore so much! I haven’t taken this one to the beach yet but I did wear it in the pool!

I’m making great strides in my I-don’t-care-I-will-wear-what-I-want-and-enjoy-the-sun attitude right? I’ve become pretty carefree. At least I try to be.

Did I miss anything? Men how about you?


43 thoughts on “Being “plus-sized” at the beach

  1. I cannot believe your ex said that to you. That’s so cruel and I’m so sorry you had to deal with that 😦 That said, I LOVE the cherry design too. So cute!! 🙂

    It’s so nice to see a body positive post. Your self-esteem shouldn’t rest on others’ opinions of you — and it looks like you understand that 🙂 Rock on!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This perfectly sums up all that I hate about the beach -right down to the hilarious yoga poses to stand up! Amazing! Hehe!! But I personally need to add that as a “reflective” skin toned girl I also hate the sun lol.

    When I buy swim suits I usually go for the tankini. I feel that one pieces make me feel bigger? And a little skort for the bottom is a must! But I’m not sure if I even have a swimsuit anymore….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you look cute in the in the black poke dots bikini. I would also try something in turquoise, a friend of mine as the same coloring as you do, and she always looks amazing in that color


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