Funny but accurate!

I came across this post on one of the librarian groups I follow on Facebook. At first I thought it was serious until I realized the site posts satire. It is a blog geared towards the business professional but I am pretty sure most of the content can be applied to other career paths or people in general.

Anyway  this post I want to share with you is a pretty accurate depiction of how I “assert” myself to others. Man or woman I can be fearful of either

  1. Sounding like I don’t know what I am talking about
  2. Offend others with my opinions
  3. (or for lack of a better word… ) Bitchy.


The title of the blog post is 9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women. Check it out for the authors commentary. For my purposes I will comment whether I am “Threatening” or “Non-threatening”… probably be a good barometer on what I need to work on!


















When all else fails!

I seem to be split down the middle! I don’t want to sound pushy or annoying…. yet I do not like to have things repeated at me and if my idea is repeated and people thought it was good I’ll chime that little fact in from example #4… I should try the mustache approach!


3 thoughts on “Funny but accurate!

  1. Um…the color coding of this is all wrong. The left sides should be blue and the right sides should be pink. These scenarios depict exactly how (most) men exist and (most) women apologize for existing in the workplace and the world.

    “Non-threatening” is right: The hedging, self-deprecating, apologizing, and social shrinking on the right side can all be compared to the way a dog puts it’s tail between its legs and shrinks back into a corner when scared. The message sent is “Don’t worry, I’m not as powerful as you,” but he message received is “I do not believe I am worth equal treatment–not in conversation, not in action, not in rank, and certainly not in pay.”

    This is the crap assertiveness courses teach people NOT to do if they want respect and a decent salary. Hell, even body language instructors cover this stuff. It’s pretty basic, you either believe you are worth equality or you don’t.

    Other people’s social hangups about taking orders from a confident person is not your responsibility to ameliorate, it’s theirs to treat, usually with therapy. If they hate you, fine. It’s their decision to sap their own energy with anger. Anyway, you could be the most flattering, obsequious, simpering suppliant the world has ever seen and an anger-prone narcissist with a chip on their shoulder will still call you a bitch for not bowing lower for them. (See Trump) It’s never enough with the takers.

    Let me break it down for you: You. Can’t. Control. What. Other. People. Think. Of. You. The care and feeding of everybody’s ego is their job. Living without limits is YOURS.


  2. I think that people try to bring their personal feelings into the work world…it work, nothing personal. This reminds me of my first job at a newspaper, my editor used to do our corrections in pink because it was threatening.


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