Leggings-pants debate

There is a debate currently going on one of the Facebook groups I’m a part of on whether or not leggings are pants. I personally think they are. I mean what else can they be? They aren’t tights. They are too thick for that. To me wearing leggings under a dress or skirt feels too bulky.

However, I would never tell people how to wear their clothes. This one girl is trying to tell people that there are rules to wearing leggings. You must wear a top that goes past your butt. She claimed she is tired of seeing people’s privates. Clearly there are different types of leggings out there because none of mine are close to being see through. If your undies are showing then I guess they are super cheap pants?

I love leggings and will wear them anywhere I want. Don’t like it don’t look 🤗

So tell me… if leggings are not pants then what are they!

The things I think about at nearly 1 in the morning!


6 thoughts on “Leggings-pants debate

  1. I agree with the previous comment, it depends on the type of leggings. In my mind there are two types of these clothing options: leggings and colourful yoga pants (just for the clarification of this post, I’m not saying your pants are yoga pants but yeah hear me out! lol) I see leggings as thick pantyhose, for people like me who hate pantyhose. When yo put them on, they stretch out and if the light hits you just right you can see everything underneath them BUT they work wonders worn under things like long shirts, short skirts, or even long skirts/dresses for people like me trying to avoid the chub rub. Then you have the “yoga pants” category. I guess this could be just pants category. It’s the type of material, like yours, that is thick enough to be considered a good alternative to jeans/pants/skirts/dresses to cover your nether regions and not make you feel self-conscious of the see-throughness of your bottoms.

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  2. We did crazy legging day at camp. One of the counselors, A big black man came in with hot pink flamingo legging (he won). He kept saying how comfortable they were and now he understands why women love wearing them. I think leggings should be enjoyed by all.

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  3. I think it totally depends on the type of leggings, the fabric they’re made out of, where you’re wearing them, and the color. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE leggings and would legit wear them everyday. When I’m teaching, I make sure I wear a shirt that goes over my butt, because I feel that’s more appropriate for the situation. When I’m working out, or running errands, I’m more carefree with how I wear them. If they are heavily patterned, or thicker, they can totally be pants. If they’re thinner, or lighted colored, a longer shirt seems best.

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  4. Leggings are pants but it really depends on how thick the leggings are, what they are made for and how they are worn. The leggings in your picture look fine to me. But I have seen people wear leggings that are completely sheer in the back and I could see EVERYTHING (probably unbeknownst to them). That’s why it’s “safe” (not mandatory) to wear a shirt that covers your behind if you don’t want your butt to show. I have workout leggings that I wear to run to the grocery store or dentist appointments and I don’t wear a long shirt with them because they are thicker than the ones I wear around the house. I don’t really like the look of leggings under a dress or skirt, so I don’t see any other way to wear them except as pants.

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