Moving Closer: City Life

I am reblogging this because it is such a beautifully written piece about life. Sometimes it is good to take a moment and zoom in on life and take note of your surroundings. See the beauty but also the flaws and realize that none of us is perfect. I travel through NYC often to get to work and most of the time I am so self absorbed in getting to where I have to be that I rush past everything and anything that is in my way. Yup I can be one of those New Yorkers. I am ashamed to say  that sometimes I will stop and help and other times I can’t be bothered. I find that I am more inclined to help people who are lost than I am people asking for money. I do give whenever I can but sometimes I have nothing myself.

As I am writing this I am reminded of that time I was out all night riding the buses, ferry, and trains because I had nowhere to go. I had that short lived moment of feeling lost and abandoned. I feel tremendous guilt for turning my back on others in the same situations. I will work on this. I promise. Life can sometimes be so fragile.


The Defeated Victor

Growing up, one of the best views in my neighborhood was at the top of Victory Blvd. On the clearest day you had the most remarkable view of the New York City skyline. At night, even more, so as the buildings lit up the dark sky. There was, and still is something cool about that skyline, something awesome about seeing it there. It was the place you wanted to be. It was a place of dreams, of hope, of anything is possible. It looked like the perfect place to be.

Then you get a little closer.

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