I am a caterpillar 

Yesterday I made a change. I went to a hair salon and walked out sporting a new look for the first time in forever. 

I walked in wearing red shorts and a tank top with flip flops on. Hair a mix of dark brown and gray with frizz all over. Basically my everyday look! I knew that look. I was used to it. It was me. 

I sat in this chair for over 2 hours between getting my hair painted and waiting for it to set. 

I decided to get an ombre and balayage in caramel. There are also hints of red in the sunlight. 

I walked out three and a half hours later unrecognizable. All of a sudden I felt different and oddly enough underdressed. I felt not fancy enough for my hair. Maybe it was my way of convincing myself to buy a new wardrobe! Still though what a strange thought! That’s my brain for you. 

You know what though I felt like I needed this. Everyday I change a little but for the better. I’m thousands of feet in front of where I used to be. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. 

I’m loving my new look! This is what it would look like if I were a twin. Double awesomness! 


15 thoughts on “I am a caterpillar 

  1. Ha, I totally get what you mean feeling underdressed for the new tresses! Happens to me all the time. I roll out of bed, go to the salon, and in a couple hours I’m Prom Queen from the neck up, and from the neck down I’m cleaning out horse stalls. haha

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