Give A Smile – Dental Surgery


As you all know by now I am a survivor of Domestic Violence. I talk about it frequently because it is part of my life and writing about it helps me heal. After this past US election I decided that I need to do more than just talk about my past. I need to be more of an advocate with things I believe in.

Last night I was home alone because my boyfriend is traveling for work. During my alone time I decided to do one of my favorite things… watch make-up videos on YouTube. I was watching Stephanie Nicole’s, one of my favorite YouTube channels, recommendation guide for skin care and makeup products. Before she started her review she began promoting a GoFundMe page for a young girl name Jamie. The video is below. It explains the situation and how Stephanie vetted the campaign for legitimacy.

Jamie’s story is heartbreaking and touched me dearly. If you did not watch the video, in her early 20s Jamie was in an abusive relationship. Stephanie did not go into many details but she mentioned how in one incident Jamie’s boyfriend slammed her head into something in the bathroom and caused fractures in her jaw and in her teeth. He was put away in jail for a year and a half.

Jamie is one of the lucky ones that survived their abusive boyfriend and has since dedicated her life to working for a “non for profit organization that works with at risk   children and teens who experienced trauma in their lives.” She says on her GoFundMe page that her work is “extremely rewarding on a personal level the compensation is minimal.” Stephanie says she makes minimum wage.

However, her injuries sustained from the above mentioned attack left her with injuries to her jaw. Doctors have diagnosed these injuries, after having a cone beam x-ray, with facial trauma. She states on her page that the trauma is affecting the health of her upper jaw and teeth. Meaning that she will need extensive dental work or she will lose many of her front upper teeth. Having missing teeth can be a self-esteem killer and cannot image the pain she is going though.

To repair the damage she needs to have teeth pulled and dental implants

Costs of Dental Treatment:

1st procedure cost’s for the endodonist is = 3,425
2nd procedure cost’s for surgeon = 6,931
3rd procedure cost’s for dentist (restorative work)= 6,980

A grand total of: 17,336

She is 16,000 thousand dollars short. If you would like to donate you can view her GoFundMe page here.

This is in no way a message telling you that you must donate. Even the small act of sharing her story can help in amazing ways!


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