These freaking dreams!

Sweet dreams aren’t made of these
I dare you to disagree!


I am soooo tired of all these dam weird dreams/nightmares. Does anyone realize how dam hard it is to be me and be a functioning adult with all this craziness in my head!

Two weeks ago I dreamt I was at the doctors office on the phone talking to my boyfriend when I looked over to my left and my ex was standing against the wall staring at me.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a house with my boyfriend, sister, and mother when my ex called my boyfriend. He asked him for money. I think it was like 3,000 and my boyfriend gave it to him.

Then my sister gets into the car with my ex who had two kids in the back seat strapped to the same car seat. There was a girl who looked about 2 and a newborn with crustiness on her face sitting on the other girls lap… like what the hell who does that?

I hear him yelling out to me not to touch them but I stroked the side of the babies face with concern.

The scene then skipped to me asking my sister why she was in the car and she said the kids told her that he leaves them alone all the time…

Then I woke up thanking God for the life I have now and that the dream wasn’t reality.

I am tired of the echo of my past interfering with my present’s dream world!

Does this happen to anyone else?


4 thoughts on “These freaking dreams!

  1. I have crazy dreams too!! Thankfully most of them I can’t remember. I was once told that our dreams are just our subconscious trying to sort out our lives – maybe these recurring dreams about your ex and current boyfriend are your brain really processing the fact that you have moved on and are with a fantabulous guy now and are really happy? Now that you are really really secure in this relationship and are taking new steps (new house! WOO!) your brain can finally be like “ok…yeah…we’re good now” and start to get over the ex?

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