Wedding bliss

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be among the witness of the sacred bonding between two of my best friends. It was a joy and refreshing to see the excitement and pure happiness on their faces as they exchanged vows. Tear flowed from my eyes totally messing up my makeup but all good!

As I sat in the reception all looking around at them and everyone else I began to put love into the bigger picture. I consider myself super lucky to be with who I consider the most awesomest man on earth. Yet everyone should think of their significant other that way. We may not all be perfect people but we are perfect to the ones who love us. We are all lucky!

Yup I threw a bunch of cliches at cha! My brain is still on yesterday catching up with me.

Anywho here are some pics.


The cute cake topper


Peep that bride and groom!


This man is mine!


3 thoughts on “Wedding bliss

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