Out with the old: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year my lovely followers!

This will be my yearly yearly review. I will discuss where I have been and what I hope to achieve over the next year. I will also take a peek at my stats for 2016. I used to obsess about them but I barley pay attention to them anymore. Last year I promised myself that I would just do my thing and if people decided to jump on my bandwagon and follow along my path then the more the merrier!

However, let’s get them stats out of the way.

I was surprised to see that my blog views skyrocketed over the past year. They went from 3,707 in 2015 to 11,634 in 2016. This was a welcomed surprise. People are actually reading what I am writing! In addition to the yearly views my absolute favorite feature about WordPress is how they map what countries people are from that view your blog. In 2015 my map looked like this…


This is what the map looks like in 2016…


I’ve reached China y’all! I think this is such a cool thing to see! My blog as been found in so many more countries this past year 🙂

Thank you to each and every one of you that have supported me on my journey. I appreciate every comment, like, and interaction.

Next is a list of the top ten posts of 2016

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I have been thinking lately that I needed to revamp my blog but by the looks of the most viewed posts… I should stay the course. There is a fair mix of topics from my abusive past to what it is like being plus-sized.

That is enough about stats lets move on to where I have been.

I have been sporadically blogging over the past several months due to major changes in my personally life. My boyfriend and I moved into our new home right before Halloween. I am loving our new house. It is perfect 3 bedroom with a loft that we turned into the ultimate Geek den… well as ultimate as we could do on a budget! We plan to be here for many many years so there will be plenty of time to geek it up more.


I had my boyfriend take a Harry Potter quiz about what house he belongs in so I can buy flags. I’m a Ravenclaw and he is a Gryffindor. I thought that they were going to be smaller but this equally works!


I bought this Han Solo mini fridge from ThinkGeek during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend sales. It is smaller than I was expecting so I am very happy that I did not pay full price for this! Still so cute and perfect for chilling drinks so we don’t have to go from the 3rd to 1st floor every time we are thirsty.


This is the small tree we set up with all the character ornaments scattered about!


Finally for Christmas I bought my boyfriend a second lightsaber. This one is the bright blue of Luke Skywalker. These things seriously make great emergency lighting!


This is how they lighten up the left side of the room!

The house wasn’t the only big thing keeping me busy. I was also finishing my last semester of college. With the move it made it extra hard to carve out time to research and write. I ended up having to lock myself in my office for nearly a week in order to finish it by December 14th. It is a relief though I am super excited to finally have my MLS.

So lets see that tally of my life over the last two years…

2015- New boyfriend and new full time job
2016- New home and MLS degree

This only makes me very excited to see what 2017 will bring!

Here is a list of things that I am planning….

  1. I will be refocuses on my blog. I want to set a blogging schedule and stick to it
  2. I begun a boot camp class 3 weeks ago. I have 4 more weeks. I am looking to drop some weight yes but I am more interested in getting into better shape. What will be will be but I have been feeling so bogged down lately
  3. We started saving for a Bermuda cruise that we are planning to go on in August. I want to travel more. See the world and learn about other cultures
  4. I have started my job search and hope to land a librarian position very soon. I will of course blog about it as soon as the happy occasion happens… along with any other happy occasions as they come along!
  5. I have decided to become more active in the political sphere and joined several groups. I will be advocating for politicians that align with my views and advocate for the kind of world I want to leave for my children should I be blessed with any. I can tell you now I am fearful at the moment and hope we can halt the decent before it happens
  6. I have begun research into working for a law library or a union organization. To do that I have sent away for information regarding schools that offer JD programs. I know more school but I want to dedicate my life to helping those that face injustice. A JD would be a fabulous addition to my masters in History and the masters in Library and Information Science. I want to put my skills and knowledge to the best use possible!
  7. I want to write a book and of course read more
  8. I will always make myself available to all my wonderful friends who mean the world to me as well as my family
  9. Donate more whether it is money or my time
  10. Last but not least I will continue being the best girlfriend that I can be to the most wonderful boyfriend a girl could ever ask for! I no longer can see a life without him in it ❤

I know there are a few other things that are at the tip of my brain and as soon as they reveal themselves to me I will update this list.

Until then have a Happy, Healthy, and Wonderful New Year everyone!



11 thoughts on “Out with the old: Happy New Year!

      • Weeeellll i never did the original “pottermore” quiz. Since i didnt watch the movies until i was 24…and then read the books when i was 27. Sooo all in the last 6 years. I took a few buzzfeed quizzes and was a Hufflepuff. Then pottermore opened up again and im apparently ravenclaw? Lol


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