Dress up… huh?

It is the fourth day into the New Year and my first going back to work. I loved my vacation. I didn’t go anywhere but I didn’t have to go to work so that was a win right? I know I complain sometimes about my job but I am happy to have one. I just now want a better one!

Anyway, It was a nice peaceful almost two weeks minus the holidays where interactions with other people was a must. I was on the fence about making resolutions because I don’t think waiting for January 1st to decide to better yourself in whatever way you chose is necessary. Any day can be a day to make a resolution to do something different. No need to wait for the year to turn over. It is so easy and cliché to say “New Year New Me.” Plus there is the undo pressure you place upon yourself that if you don’t follow through you are a failure.


Despite this I actually do see the appeal of the calendar turning over as being a blank slate of sorts.

In an effort to unburden myself with ridiculous expectations like losing weight…


I made tinier challenges…. the goals of my last post still apply but most will take more than just 2017 to accomplish. Most are more like affirmations. Anyway here is the simple short list…

  1. Remember to take my medicine every morning
  2. Dress up for work… make an effort… only wear jeans on a Friday.
  3. Be a great friend
  4. Be an even awesomer girlfriend

So this is what I did this morning…


My plan to wake up at 5:45 like I wanted to was a no go… dam that snooze button… so I had no time to straighten my hair or put on makeup. So then I figured I’d do my makeup at work but I forgot my makeup bag at home… no lipstick in sight ::cry::… I also came to the realization that of all the dam shoes I own none are of the flat black simple kind… so I am wearing black flat sneakers with white soles and laces… guess I’ll be crossing number 2 off the list!

Is it 2018 yet?

I kid… maybe I should put go to bed earlier on that list…


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