When you bring a pet into a new home!

I made a false assumption these past few months. I believed that because my cat knows me, and what I assume loves me, that he would have no issue moving into our home. We made all the necessary preparations. I mean we had the best preparations. The greatest preparations. No one knows preparations better than us. Believe me ask anyone.

I mean on Sunday, we went to Target and purchased all of the stuff! The litter box, litter, food and water dishes, a scratchy pad, cat food, AND a kitty snack! Not to mention the CAT NIP… what is not to love about all these great preparations! All that was missing was the cat!


The food was moved into the kitchen but this was were we planned on making his space!

So Sunday night we go to my parents for dinner to watch a football game and eventually kidnap my kitty in a big blanket. As it turns out he is too big for a small pet carrier. Anyway, so when we get him home I put him down and he immediately starts this loud cat meow crying thing and runs under the living room couch. He only came out in the middle of the night briefly before returning to under the couch. He stayed like this for about two days. Coming out on rare occasions I am sure to use the litter… which I cleaned yesterday and have myself wondering is there another cat hiding under that couch I am unaware of!

On Tuesday before we left the house I opened the door to my office. In there is a couch that I took with me from my parents house. My cat used to sleep on it so I figured it be a nice little reminder? Well my boyfriend gets home and can’t find the cat. He was not in his usual under the couch position and nowhere to be seen. Eventually he finds him underneath the couch in my office. He instinctively found the most familiar thing to him in his new home. Amazing really. Least to me anyway. He spent that evening in my office not wanting to venture so we brought his bed, scratch pad, and food/water upstairs. Now we are sharing a room.

It is Thursday now and the cat is pretty much owning it. I believe the couch in my room turned out to be a nice transitional object for him. He seems happy. He purrs all the time. Rolls over and wants his belly rubbed.


He is trying to take over the master bedroom but not gonna happen!

Sleeps on the couch, stairs, and floor. He loves looking out the windows.

He follows us around, sometimes in a very clingy manner, or just watching us from afar… plotting… you know doing cat shit!

Most importantly he is eating! I was nervous the first two days because he wasn’t really eating and his hair was falling out A LOT. I was ready to bring him back to my parents house but then he calmed down. I was concerned because at my house he is the only animal. He basically grew up surrounded by them due to my parents have two dogs and another cat. Thus far though he seems to be cool with it. However, someday soon I would LOVE to rescue a dog!

Anyone else have this adjustment period for a new pet home? I was panicky and felt like such a terrible fur-mom!


Watching us this morning as we leave!


8 thoughts on “When you bring a pet into a new home!

    • Thank you! I always wanted an orange cat. He was born from a litter my aunt’s cat had two and a half years ago. He was born hours after the other four and was the only orange one. Born on my birthday as well! Like it was meant to be haha


  1. Oooo poor kitty all overwhelmed!! My one friend had to move her cat as well and she did it in such a neat way: She put some old cat stuff into one small room with the cat the first day, all the other doors in the house were closed. Then slowly, each day she would open one new door and the cat was able to just slowly explore the house and adjust.

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