Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Has anyone reading this ever seen the show the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? It is a Netflix web sitcom… (so yea this is now a thing… new shows are not only found through the television airways… check your subscription sites!)…. that  follows the life of Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy, an Indiana girl, was abducted into a doomsday cult. She lived underground with three other women for 15 years. After their rescue, Kimmy decides to move to New York City for a fresh start. She did not want to be seen as a victim or a “mole woman” as they were branded. She felt by going back home this is how people would look at her.So in her new found life Kimmy represses her past to not be defined by it but she clearly looks and acts out of place. Being underground for fifteen years will surely put you out of touch with all the latest lingo and current events. I really love her positivity and determination to not allow herself to get sucked into a pool of pity. Thus far I have seen her walk through as if she is unbreakable, as the title of the show suggests. She intends to take that road less traveled in order to achieve the goals she set for herself since being freed from the bunker… even though she could totally use her “mole woman” status to speed up the goal achieving process.  Although talking with a therapist probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, her character is very relatable for me. Our traumatic experiences are non-comparable, but a lot of how she dealt with the situation as it was going on really resonated with me. Also we both have moments of PTSD.

This I am sure is why this show was recommended to me on more than one occasion by friends. So glad that I finally decided to check it out… I am 7 episodes in and in love! I know this is premature but when you know you know… you know? I won’t spoil it for those that wish to see it but I am giving it a thumbs up!


9 thoughts on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

  1. I watched season 1 when it first came out since I am an Ellie Kemper fan, but I was a little underwhelmed by the start of the 2nd season so I stopped watching lol. Maybe I should give it a second chance 🙂


  2. I’m on episode 4 now… I had heard about it and basically just understood that it was a quirky show (I was thinking along the lines of an Ellie Kemper version of New Girl) – I didn’t know the basis of the actual story line. Your post actually gave me a much more immediate interest in the show… It’s amazing how well they are showing PTSD issues but also making it a quirky/funny show.

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