Who is really taking away jobs?

What do we think about this?


9 thoughts on “Who is really taking away jobs?

  1. This might just be the sleep deprivation that I am feeling today talking, but I don’t understand. How does it know what you bought if you don’t scan anything? “ummm no amazon I TOTALLY put back that cupcake, don’t charge me for it” I am so confused…

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  2. Innovation and automation are the answer to what happens when you raise minimum wage yet insist corporations produce the same profits. (The public wants a higher minimum wage, but if the company is publicly traded, it best make its quarterly projected earnings!) This is how companies respond – automate the manual labor. Some jobs will get created but they won’t be entry-level. And you’ll still have talent shortages as fewer people are available for technical roles. It’s a complicated question with no easy answer.


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