Vianda Catering and Advocacy

My dear followers I want to present you a wonderful opportunity to contribute to something extremely worthwhile. One of my amazing friends has started a catering business to help fund the change she wants to see in this world. She is all about taking actions and has always been a inspiration for me. This strong and intelligent woman has been a friend of mine since those high years many moons ago and has remained one of my closest confidants. She was there for me during my darkest period and pretty much kept me alive when I saw no hope. Please take a moment out of your day to click on the link and read up on Vianda Catering and Advocacy and consider donating. If you are unable to donate please share this with others! It would mean the world to me

Below is an excerpt from the GoFundMe page.

Catering with a purpose, Vianda aspires to gain 501c3 status to donate would-be profits to organizations that help lift those who are underrepresented as well as  those organizations that aim to build an all inclusive community, specifically those losing funding as a result of our current political climate.   Vianda will do this by supporting local business, local farmers and maintaining business integrity by using quality/organic ingredients while keeping prices affordable.

Your contribution to Vianda will help to:
– Continue the purchase of quality ingredients including  enabling Vianda to join CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) and join local food co-ops.
-Advertise Vianda locally and eventually, nationally.
-Develop public relations by appearing at events, farmers markets, and food pantries for cooking demos.
-Research and network with non-profit organizations around the country.
– Allow us to be creative with our culture to use root vegetables (vianda) to showcase our roots and provide affordable high end meals (vianda)
-Start a garden of our own.
-Most importantly, your contribution will allow us to get the start we need so we can start our advocacy program as soon as possible.  We will be donating 6.7% of this campaign to two non-profits.  Eventually we will be donating all funds outside of operation costs to NPOs.  Our goal is to be able to donate  to a different non-profit every week, allowing us to donate to 52 NPOs in a year (one from each state, one local non profit, and a non-profit in Puerto Rico).


Because this is what I can do to take action to be the change I want to see.  Because food is a necessity for everyone so I want to build bridges with commonalities. Because there are very serious problems, people in need, people being hurt, and I want to do more than just talk about it.  Because things need to be done, and I’m not financially able to reach out with solutions to every problem, but hope to be able to reach out as much as possible to get the work done.  Because if I’m part of a machine, and I don’t like what it’s manufacturing, I’m switching its gears.

Ideally, I would like us to raise this money by March 31st.  We are not the only ones who will be eternally thankful for your generosity, but a mere thread in the web of community who will be positively affected by your contribution.

*Rewards outside of NC (ex: NYC) will be fulfilled in April.

Help spread the word!

Let’s swarm the site! It is for a worthy cause 🙂


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