B is for Break #atozchallenge

If there is one lesson that I have learned time and time again is TAKE A BREAK. This goes for if you’re at work, at home, in traffic, or (most importantly) if you are in-between relationships. TAKE A BREAK!

Taking a break has many benefits. I’ll give some examples of four different situations I have come across in my life. I’ll try to keep this brief.

A. Work

When I am at my job and feeling overworked? I walk away from my desk and leave the area. I normal go to the staff bathroom and sit on the chairs in there or I roam the hallways. If it is nice outside I will sit or walk around and just breath in deeply the (questionable) air. I do this for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. This brings me temporary relief from my surroundings and a sense of renewal.

One of the bad habits I have is that I sit at my desk to eat my lunch. I need to focus more on avoiding this because if the phone rings or an email comes in I answer. That is not really giving myself a break and I am entitled to an hour. Eating at my desk makes it impossible for me to completely detach from work and focus on the task at hand… eating.  If I am not paying attention I will look down and wonder where the hell my lunch went and why I am still hungry! Being in the moment and focusing on my food actually helps me feel fuller longer.

B. Home

I have discovered recently sometimes when I am at home and anxious it causes me to be agitated. I won’t even know sometimes why I am feeling this way.  So when I am at home and I am feeling moody I go to my office and read a book or take a nap on my couch. When I am done with either of these activities I normally feel better and feel more relaxed. One thing I want to always avoid is taking out my nonsense-self-creating-anger out on others who don’t deserve that.  Other than my anxiety there is nothing at home that causes me stress. I have a very happy home life that I am very grateful for!

C. Traffic

I live and work in the New York City area and when I tell you the rush hour traffic is terrible trust me! The drivers do all kinds of illegal shit to avoid sitting in traffic yet they don’t realize they are just causing more congestion as they weave in and out of the lanes! AHHH I can’t stand it! This morning I think I topped out at 5 MPH on the highway…. It takes an hour and a half or more to get to work for something that should take 40 minutes TOPS! Taking deep breathes really helps in this situation. Holding it in for a count of four before letting it out really works wonders on lowering my anxiety level. In addition, I am currently looking into what audio-books my local libraries have so I can start listening to books to and from work. Figure it would be a good thing to do as I begin my librarian career. I welcome suggestions on which ones I should get!

D. Relationships

I believe I have mentioned before about my abusive ex-boyfriend who tortured my life for many many years and left me broken? Well ladies (and gents) when you find yourself alone for the first time after a strenuous relationship please take a break and focus on renewing your soul. Otherwise you can find yourself taken advantage of by those who can sense low self-esteem on you. Happened to me twice. Once by a bus driver and then again by a married man. I’m not mad at the bus driver but I am furious by the married man. His ass should have known better to leave me alone. He decided instead to fuck with my head and take advantage of a girl who was broken. No we did not sleep together but there was enough flirting that I am disgusted with myself for engaging in it. Guaranteed should he have tried to flirt with me with all my wits about me I would rejected it outright from the get-go! I am not that girl!

Taking a break to work on yourself provides nothing but benefits for your mental health. I am so much stronger for it. With my head screwed on better I was able to meet the right man and be in the healthiest of situations I could have ever hoped for. Therapy was also a huge help but that is for a later a to z post 🙂


Do you take breaks? How do you break? Any other suggestions on how to remove stress and renew the soul?


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