D: Dance away the stress

I love to dance around. Especially when I am alone and cleaning (it makes the chore seem less of a chore!) The most listened to stations on my Pandora app are 80s pop/rock music. I love me some 80s music. However, my overall taste in music is pretty much everywhere. If I like it and it has a good sound I’m going to give it a listen!

Dancing is a fantastic in helping me live a better more positive life. It reduces my stress which eliminates my depression/anxiety. I feel more energized after a good dance session. I get some much needed exercise which can help me drop some unneeded pounds. I just overall feel more joy as I am not focusing on anything but the dancing. It is kind of meditative in a way because I am blocking out all other nonsense as I sing along to the lyrics.

Below is a great sample of some of the songs that can get my on my feet. Notice the range in genre and styles.

Cyndi Lauper- Girls just want to have fun

Rolling Stones- Start me up

Europe – The Final Countdown

Grease- You’re the one that I want (Seen this movie TONS of times)

Michael Jackson-Billy Jean (Or pretty much anything Michael)

Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) (My BOYS)

*NSYNC – Tearin’ Up My Heart (I am a BSB girl at heart but I do love this song)

Spice Girls – Wannabe (Yea… I went there… what I was in high school!)

Meghan Trainor – Better When I’m Dancin’ (It is right there in the title!)

Marc Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida (Also pretty much anything from Marc… I love his music!)

Marc Anthony – Valio La Pena (Salsa Version) (See!)

With all that said I am always up for music recommendations so feel free to pop them into my contact form and send it on over! Thank you Sandra from the whatsandrathinks blog for the awesome Coldplay list!




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