I am living in the Upside Down

Good news for anyone who read my middle of the night post the other day. I am feel much better!

With that said… I feel like I am living in the Upside Down! This is a Stranger Things reference for anyone who hasn’t watched the Netflix series… I recommend it though… run go check it out! What I mean by all that is my days have flipped. I am working the closing shift at my new job and I don’t have the internet access that I was used to at my previous place of employment. This means that I will be unable to blog during my usual hours. Will this take some getting used to? Absolutely… but it is totally worth it to be back in a library! Yes the library as internet access but it is for school purposes only so no blogging during work. I can, however, in my spare time on my breaks write my blog posts out and just upload them at my earliest convenience. All in all great news I will still blog I just need to adjust to my new schedule. As a result I am breaking the rules and posting a bunch of letters that I missed out on. I hate to do this but I do not want to flood your feeds with individual #atozchallenge catch-up posts. So in this quick review I will be going through F to L.

F: Friends

I left off at the letter F which for me is an easy one. Spending time or just talking to friends. They are some of the best people I know. They have seen me at my worst and love me still! My favorite nights are when we are together.

I have realized though that hanging out will get tougher as some of them are bringing children into the picture. One of my friends just gave birth to a handsome little guy who has stolen my heart already! Another one of my friends is trying and I pray every day for her and her much wanted blessing. I myself go back and forth on whether I want children because of the state of the world. Do I bring kids into this mess? Yet I want them.

I have faith though that whatever life path these wonderful humans are on (kids/no kids/moving/ect) that we will always be in each other’s thoughts and hearts. I will always be there for them because they were always there for me. I couldn’t ask for a better group!

G: Gym

The gym is not for everyone. Heck it is not all even for me most of the time. I hate the machines. They are so incredibly boring… yet I know I need to move around. I am on a constant quest to find something that I enjoy so I can keep going back. My solution was to join a gym that had classes included in the price. Unlimited use of a variety of classes means I can find something fun and keep it fresh week after week. Now that I work late hours I will be checking out the morning aqua aerobics class. I have always wanted to try something like that so I am super excited! Otherwise, I have become quite the yoga fan. I sweat more during yoga than any other class I have taken.  After every yoga class my body somehow feels relaxed even after all those planks!

H: Home

Home is where my peace is at! Sometimes the only thing I need to do to de-stress is just go home, take off my bra, and veg out. Our favorite spot is in the den because that is where all the geeky shit is… that is where all the gaming systems are!  I don’t even mind when he wants to just play his video games. Sometimes I’ll join in. The other night we were playing the original Power ranger’s game. I of course am always the Pink ranger as she was my favorite growing up. However, most of the time, I am usually sitting next to him reading with the cat sitting on my lap until it is time to go to bed.

I: Ice Cream

Oh how I love to grab for the ice cream when I am feeling like an emotional train wreck. However, lately ice cream has been betraying me. It hurts my stomach sooooo badly within ten minutes of consuming its creamy goodness! Luckily I have found a suitable replacement. Halo Top! This is my new favorite cold treat. The best one is the Peanut Butter Cup followed by Pistachio. I seriously would probably try anything with the word Peanut Butter Cup on it because well that is my major vice! Chocolate and Peanut Butter for me is the perfect snack marriage. I hope they never divorce.

J: Jigsaw Puzzles

When I am feeling stressed out I love to do activities that require a great deal of concentration… and what better than a jigsaw puzzle! All those tiny pieces needing to be matched together. I go into meditative states when I am keeping the brain busy. I just recently bought two of these bad boys. They are so pretty that I want to frame them when I am done and hang them up in my office!

K: Kickboxing

I have not actually done this before but it is a class available at my gym… see G above. It sounds like it could be something fun… taking your stress out on the boxing bag or the imaginary person you are air punching. I know a few faces that I would be picturing haha! I am going to try it when I get back from Vegas the first week on May. Yes I am going back to Vegas next week! This girl needs a vacation badly 🙂

L: Laughing

This is pretty much one of the sure ways of making me feeling better. We often watch comedy specials on Netflix. Some of these comics make me laugh so hard I tear up and can’t breath. I love when a comic can do that. Afterwards I am so worn out from laughing I fall asleep so much easier. Great stress relief. I don’t remember all their names but one of my favorites is Fluffy. I also love watching Trevor Noah. Do you have an comics you like to watch?

I know these have the theme of removing stress for myself but it is a direct correlation on being more positive. If I am stressed and angry I sure as hell not feeling positive about myself.



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