The Properties of Moonstone and its Uses in Potion-Making

I have been listening to the Harry Potter books in the car as I drive to and from work to make the hours in traffic enjoyable. Currently I am on my least favorite of the books, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Why? Well… People calling Harry a liar… hate. Harry Potter’s constant whining and taking out his anger on his friends… hate. Umbridge… super duper hate. Regardless of all that I will still listen on. I pass one part today where Professor Snape assigned the class an essay on the properties of moonstone and its uses in potion-making. The book never really tells you so I thought it would be a fun idea to complete a Hogwarts homework. Below you will find my moonstone essay and I apologize that it is not on 12inchs of parchment!      Moonstones vary in shape, color, and texture but are all useful when it comes to brewing different types of potions. They are primarily sourced from India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Their shinny hue is developed during the creation process when light becomes trapped between the layers of the feldspar minerals orthoclase and albite. The shimmering surface caused by the trapped light is called adularescnece. It provides the moonstones with an appearance of motion. Some of the moonstones most useful properties are found when grounded down to a powder. The powered moonstones possess the worthwhile properties of calming, love, light, and good luck.
Moonstones are believed to hold many treatments for potions that help the person. They are especially beneficial, when administered correctly, to alter moods. Moonstones are believed to be worthwhile in the calming of energies. Moonstones are the main feature in the Draught of Peace. When used with other ingredients it will create a potion that will calm the anxieties of the one who consumes the concoction. Stressful energies will ebb swiftly away leaving the person in a state of relief. However, heavy is the hand that will put the patient in a deep sleep. Overdoing a relaxing potion with too much moonstone may calm a person to a point of irreversible slumber. I wonder then if such a miscalculated potion can be reversed then with true loves kiss.
After all, moonstones are also associated with the heart chakra making it an advantageous ingredient for love potions. Love potions are a very powerful type of potion. They cause the drinker to fall instantaneously madly in love with the person whom gave it to them. These potions are so powerful that the giver does not even need to be present when the receiver drinks the potion. There has yet to be a love potion that was so strong as to create the illusion of real love.
In addition to calming and loving potions, I would imagine that powered down moonstones would also be useful in good luck potions. The property of light in moonstones would obviously make good use for brightening someone’s day or turning bad luck good. Besides love, the power of light is a force unseen and unbeatable. It can break through the darkest of nights, and to a person, shine through their darkest of hours.


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