I just need to vent

I just watched a video where disabled American citizens were dragged out of their wheel chairs and carried off from a protest. This enraged me. No matter what you say nothing absolutely NOTHING justifies what happened. These are concerned Americans trying to have their voices heard. They are part of the collective whole that are the EMPLOYERS of these asswipes running the country making laws that will hurt them. It made me extremely sad to see such a display against humanity. What if in the future I have a child and they were born with a disability or whatever other pre-existing conditions are out there. This country is not going to give a shit about that child’s health. They only care about their God- Money. They bow down to Money without a single care in the world for who they are screwing over. Why would I want to put a potential child through such torment? They can’t be under our health insurance forever and what if, god forbid, someone loses a job or something else happens? I don’t want any children I have to suffer and this is my main concern against having children that I can’t get past. I don’t want them to suffer. I would hate myself.

This country has lost its soul. I am feeling really depressed right now.


One thought on “I just need to vent

  1. I can agree with you. Health care industry is a mess and those behind it are greedy and soulless. It is sad and makes me so angry. I find myself wishing bad things on those who take advantage of the poor and sick and take from them on the form of stupid damn laws, over taxing, pulling the wool over their eyes, etc. it’s sickening


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