Wedding Dress shopping while Plus-Sized

Wedding dress sizes

There is no greater time to ignore a size than when you are shopping for a wedding dress. I have said it once and I’ll say it again… the number on your clothes does not and will not ever define you!  Yet no matter how hard I try to apply my words to myself; I will admit there was a punch to my self-esteem as I was squeezing into a dress two sizes bigger than my everyday clothes. I ended up asking the same question I am sure tons of other brides asked. Why do these dresses run so small? So I googled it.

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The guest list debate…

The guest list debate…

Planning a wedding is more stressful than I thought it would be. I decided to hold the ceremony at a destination and the reception back home so I am having guest list stress. I wasn’t planning on inviting everyone out to the destination due to the added cost of travel and hotel. I figured it would be our immediate families, wedding party, and best friends. We then plan on showing the video of the ceremony as part of the reception dinner about two weeks later. The venue has already been picked and deposit placed but I find myself pulling my hair out over the invites.

This is part of my fear complex. I am afraid of offending people when there is no intention to do so. It is a money issue more than anything. If thought everyone would come out to the destination ceremony I would say screw the second party but that isn’t reality. I am in love with the venue but I know not everyone can attend. Yet I want to be able to include everyone so splitting the wedding into two separate parts seemed like the best option (and surprising more affordable… the venue was a great deal).

I am seeking advice on how to deal with guest lists!

Tick tock goes the clock…

Tick tock goes the clock…

…Pretty soon we tie the knot!

This is a story about a Girl who has this friend that tells her about a Boy

Girl lets friend give Boy her number
Boy texts girl and they talk 
Boy invites Girl out for coffee and Girl agrees
Boy and Girl meet and Girl has a great time
Girl panics because she really likes Boy
Boy keeps talking to Girl and plans romantic dates
Girl knows that Boy is someone special
Girl falls for Boy and knows immediately he is the one
Boys also realizes Girl is awesome and he shouldn’t let her go
Girl and Boy continue to hang out and spend every free moment together
Girl and Boy eventually move in together
Life is easy as Girl and Boy get along so well
Everything feels right in Girl’s world
Girl’s life makes sense and  is finally happy
Boy tells Girl he wants to get married
Girl agrees and Boy now also happy!

Girl really really loves Boy 😍😙

Wedding bliss

Wedding bliss

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be among the witness of the sacred bonding between two of my best friends. It was a joy and refreshing to see the excitement and pure happiness on their faces as they exchanged vows. Tear flowed from my eyes totally messing up my makeup but all good!

As I sat in the reception all looking around at them and everyone else I began to put love into the bigger picture. I consider myself super lucky to be with who I consider the most awesomest man on earth. Yet everyone should think of their significant other that way. We may not all be perfect people but we are perfect to the ones who love us. We are all lucky!

Yup I threw a bunch of cliches at cha! My brain is still on yesterday catching up with me.

Anywho here are some pics.


The cute cake topper


Peep that bride and groom!


This man is mine!

Crazy weekend: Two events down!

Crazy weekend: Two events down!

Anyone who knows me knows that I hold the opinion that there needs to be a third weekend day to recover before having to go back to work on Monday. ESPECIALLY when your weekend is full with very little down time. This past weekend was just that. Continue reading