The guest list debate…

The guest list debate…

Planning a wedding is more stressful than I thought it would be. I decided to hold the ceremony at a destination and the reception back home so I am having guest list stress. I wasn’t planning on inviting everyone out to the destination due to the added cost of travel and hotel. I figured it would be our immediate families, wedding party, and best friends. We then plan on showing the video of the ceremony as part of the reception dinner about two weeks later. The venue has already been picked and deposit placed but I find myself pulling my hair out over the invites.

This is part of my fear complex. I am afraid of offending people when there is no intention to do so. It is a money issue more than anything. If thought everyone would come out to the destination ceremony I would say screw the second party but that isn’t reality. I am in love with the venue but I know not everyone can attend. Yet I want to be able to include everyone so splitting the wedding into two separate parts seemed like the best option (and surprising more affordable… the venue was a great deal).

I am seeking advice on how to deal with guest lists!


Excuse my absence!


Dear lovely readers,

My apologies for my seemingly absence. I have not posted as much as I would have liked too in recent weeks. I have several things drafted up and ready to be finished but I have been swamped at work. I am one person doing the work of two and I am leaving for vacation tomorrow so I had to make sure I wasn’t leaving them hanging on some upcoming events we are having. The day after I return we are having a faculty award ceremony and I had to make sure the catering was done, a retirement cake ordered, the awards were printed and jacketed, RSVP’s were counted, and room set-up submitted. All is done with 25 minutes of work left before I am off to Las Vegas!

I have nervous energy as I mentally prepare to fly for the first time in over 10 years. I also never gone this far but I need this so bad! I haven’t gone away away in the same decade! Any flying advice? I have an appointment with my therapist today and she is going to show me some breathing techniques in case I need them 🙂