Tick tock goes the clock…

Tick tock goes the clock…

…Pretty soon we tie the knot!

This is a story about a Girl who has this friend that tells her about a Boy

Girl lets friend give Boy her number
Boy texts girl and they talk 
Boy invites Girl out for coffee and Girl agrees
Boy and Girl meet and Girl has a great time
Girl panics because she really likes Boy
Boy keeps talking to Girl and plans romantic dates
Girl knows that Boy is someone special
Girl falls for Boy and knows immediately he is the one
Boys also realizes Girl is awesome and he shouldn’t let her go
Girl and Boy continue to hang out and spend every free moment together
Girl and Boy eventually move in together
Life is easy as Girl and Boy get along so well
Everything feels right in Girl’s world
Girl’s life makes sense and  is finally happy
Boy tells Girl he wants to get married
Girl agrees and Boy now also happy!

Girl really really loves Boy 😍😙

Still here!

Heeeeyyyy lovely followers! I just wanted to let you know I am still here! I have just been crazy busy packing and researching/writing for school.

We are finally moving into our new house this weekend and on Monday I will write my first blog post from my new office! I am super excited for this new adventure but I certainly can’t wait to be done with the physical moving part!

Here is a peek at the transformation process of part of the first floor and my office

Before is on the left!

This is looking towards the dinning area, kitchen, and stairs


My office… excuse the slanted after pic… and there is currently molding along the bottom!

See you next week!

NYCC: Frequently complained complaints!

NYCC: Frequently complained complaints!


I don’t like being this person but I am going to do it anyway. One of the things that gets to me is when people complain about something that was repeated numerous times. Reading is fundamental and when people fail to follow rules that are laid out very plainly, and have been advertised over and over on the website and across all social media platforms (I know you have your phones in your hands), I have no pity.  Continue reading

Am I blogging right?

Am I blogging right?

I opened this blog back in October 2015 but didn’t write my introductory post until 3 weeks later. After joining a Blogging 101 course I wrote my first post, But let me first write an introduction. The title was a play on the song #Selfie… In case you didn’t pick up on that. My blog is now in its sixth month of activity and I never imaged it would go so well. The response from you my fellow readers and bloggers has been more than I ever thought it would be and I am grateful that you have continued with me on this journey of self-exploration. Continue reading