Divided we fall…

Divided we fall…

I am at a loss for words but I am going to try to find some.  I have to come realize that the world today moves from one big story to the next without time for reset. The internet is constantly renewing itself with a plethora of information, whether based in fact or not, that can most of the time feel overwhelming to sift through.  The internet is also chock full of people, who from the safety of the other side of the computer, spew hatred and hand out judgements out to people they don’t approve of… as if their approval is needed for someone’s pure existence. Negativity outweighs the positive and creates this feeling of panic. As I write this my hands are cold and shaky. My heart is beating terribly fast and all I want to do is run home to my bed and hide there until the world is safe again.  I feel the urge to erase that last statement because people like to turn that around and call you names like snowflake or libtard. They cannot fathom that depression, anxiety, and fear are real things people feel. They rather poke fun at it and give it a name.  But I will leave it. To delete it is to erase a piece of my story. Continue reading

Memory of that first house

Memory of that first house

I lived in a place prior to the first house. I was told this by my parents but that apartment rests in a part of my memory I don’t have access. The home I do remember was owned by my maternal grandparents. It was a greenish color with 4 levels. You had to walk up a ton of stairs to get to the house. I on the other hand preferred to take the dirt path that was between the railings of my grandparents’ house and the neighbors to the left.  I imagine that is because I always wanted to do things differently but that is for my parents to confirm. Regardless I thought it was more fun than taking the steps. To the right of the stairs was a three level bush/tree garden. Least that is what I call it. I used to like to play there. Continue reading



I ate food today
So world hunger doesn’t exist

I feel cold
So global warming is not real

I have health insurance
So others also have easy access to their medications and treatments

I am not sick
So everyone must be well

I have a job
So poverty is fake news that was perpetrated to give my money to lazy people

I live in a home
So homelessness is made-up

I don’t feel oppressed
So no other woman is oppressed

I am in a loving and healthy relationship
So domestic violence is a lie

I was never raped
So it is just something others lie about for attention or money

When something doesn’t effect me
It must not be real

When I don’t agree with something
It must not be real

If I don’t want to look it up
It must not be real

What is wrong with this picture?

Why can’t people think outside of themselves?

Days gone by…

It’s 8AM and the alarm is blaring
but hear it I do not
My eyes blink open and are staring
it is now 10 o’clock
Hardly time to brush the dust
from my sleepy eyes
In an hour leave I must
Let’s go, get up, arise!
Squeeze my pants over the buns
no time for a pose
Can’t wear sneakers so grab the ones
that hurt my pinky toes!
Wash face, brush teeth, ponytail
pet cat, and kiss my beau.
Grab my lunch and hit the trail
no time for moving slow
Drive in traffic, honk at cars
scream that’s not a LANE!
Frustrations got me seeing stars
driving is a pain
Get to work and circle block
until a space I find
Must punch in by 1 o’clock
some cuss words cross my mind
They want books, staplers, computers
and rooms to study in
I also point them to the tutors
and do it all with a grin
The printers either have a jam
or paper they are out
They open and close them with a BAM!
I stare over with a pout
Counting five, six, seven, eight
hours do go by
Make sure all the books are straight
Maybe tomorrow I’ll have Thai
Punch out the day is finally done
Quick run to the car!
Pass the others one-by-one
I can’t wait to take off this bra!
Park and open up the door
Shoes come off fast
Fall into the arms of my amour
Good to be home at last!
Three weeks flew by I forgot to blog
Give up I thought I must
Forget it! No! Push away the smog
In my readers I must trust

Tick tock goes the clock…

Tick tock goes the clock…

…Pretty soon we tie the knot!

This is a story about a Girl who has this friend that tells her about a Boy

Girl lets friend give Boy her number
Boy texts girl and they talk 
Boy invites Girl out for coffee and Girl agrees
Boy and Girl meet and Girl has a great time
Girl panics because she really likes Boy
Boy keeps talking to Girl and plans romantic dates
Girl knows that Boy is someone special
Girl falls for Boy and knows immediately he is the one
Boys also realizes Girl is awesome and he shouldn’t let her go
Girl and Boy continue to hang out and spend every free moment together
Girl and Boy eventually move in together
Life is easy as Girl and Boy get along so well
Everything feels right in Girl’s world
Girl’s life makes sense and  is finally happy
Boy tells Girl he wants to get married
Girl agrees and Boy now also happy!

Girl really really loves Boy 😍😙

Still here!

Heeeeyyyy lovely followers! I just wanted to let you know I am still here! I have just been crazy busy packing and researching/writing for school.

We are finally moving into our new house this weekend and on Monday I will write my first blog post from my new office! I am super excited for this new adventure but I certainly can’t wait to be done with the physical moving part!

Here is a peek at the transformation process of part of the first floor and my office

Before is on the left!

This is looking towards the dinning area, kitchen, and stairs


My office… excuse the slanted after pic… and there is currently molding along the bottom!

See you next week!