Today was my last day!

Today was my last day!

Good evening all!

What an exciting day! It was my last day at a job that brought me a great deal of agony. I am a bundle of nerves and happiness as I prepare to start my career on Monday.

I wore a cheerful bright orange-red today to celebrate my departure. For some reason it still does not feel real. I am thinking it might on Monday as I pull up to the new place.


I still can’t believe I made it to this point. Finally I get to call myself a librarian! Dreams do come true 🙂

Guess what?

Guess what?

Symptom of happiness

My hands are tingling
and are beginning to shake,
My emotions intermingling,
Did I just catch a break?
This anxiety I’m feeling
is not impending doom,
My insides are reeling
and yet no thoughts of gloom
The road was rough
many lessons needed learning,
What didn’t kill me made me tough
while my stripes I was earning,
Love renewed my soul
and is the only thing that’s real,
It mended me whole
as it began to peel,
All that negative energy
that surrounded my mind,
Locked it far in my memory
with a key I’ll never find,
I learned to be optimistic,
So what should appear?
I’ll keep this simplistic
I have a brand new career!

Smell that? Oooo books!

Smell that? Oooo books!


Today’s featured image is a photo of one of the aisles in my college’s library taken on one of my many trips to the faculty lab to print posters.

One of my favorite things to do is walk up and down the aisles of a library and read the book spines. A job duty I used to do at my old job was shelf read. I was probably one of the only ones who didn’t mind doing this particular chore. I happen to enjoy making sure the books are in order and skim through titles. Especially if I was given the call number letters D and E. I love me some history! I’ve come across some interesting reads that way 🙂

This is part my love of books, part the meditative state my brain goes into, and part my OCD. I also fix things in stores… like if I am waiting on line I’ll turn all the candies one way or fix the chips bags so there are no open spaces… put clothing in size order when I am looking through them… one time I folded something!

Anyone else?

Just me?

Can’t be!

Throwback  Thursday: My job vow!

Throwback Thursday: My job vow!

It starts with a feeling… joy… utter and complete happiness… you no longer dread Mondays… you feel a slight sadness on Fridays (especially during your depressive states and hated being home with your feelings)… you are in a place where you feel like you belong… a piece of your puzzle has been found and you are complete… as far as career choices goes. That is what it was like when I began my job in a library back in 2010. Continue reading