Tick tock goes the clock…

Tick tock goes the clock…

…Pretty soon we tie the knot!

This is a story about a Girl who has this friend that tells her about a Boy

Girl lets friend give Boy her number
Boy texts girl and they talk 
Boy invites Girl out for coffee and Girl agrees
Boy and Girl meet and Girl has a great time
Girl panics because she really likes Boy
Boy keeps talking to Girl and plans romantic dates
Girl knows that Boy is someone special
Girl falls for Boy and knows immediately he is the one
Boys also realizes Girl is awesome and he shouldn’t let her go
Girl and Boy continue to hang out and spend every free moment together
Girl and Boy eventually move in together
Life is easy as Girl and Boy get along so well
Everything feels right in Girl’s world
Girl’s life makes sense and  is finally happy
Boy tells Girl he wants to get married
Girl agrees and Boy now also happy!

Girl really really loves Boy 😍😙

Vacation break

Vacation break

I have emerged from my vacation realizing that I need to seriously stop thinking I can do these blogging challenges. Let’s face it I set myself up to fail every single time. Problem is that I feel these challenges stunt my ability to blog. I stress myself out trying to keep on schedule and I feel as though I’m forcing out posts just to satisfy the challenge. I feel like I haven’t written anything all that great recently so I’m going to stop forcing challenges and just blog with the flow. My brain just doesn’t want to work that way. I like to be all over the place. It makes me interesting! Least I think so. 

Anyway I am finally able to take some time to myself and jot down a few words for you. I spent last week on our annual trip to Las Vegas and then went for a road trip to the Grand Canyon.  I had a lot more work to do this time around in Vegas so there are not many pictures but I will write on that later. 

Y’all let me tell you if you haven’t been try try try to get to the Grand Canyon. It is absolutely breathtaking. I took soooo many photos because the beauty of it keeps changing with each viewing location, passing cloud, and movement of the sun across the sky. I never in my life felt so small and being a bigger girl that is a rarity. Normally I feel extra big… especially on anything transportation related.

We spent two days viewing as much of the Canyon as possible. We saw so much of it and yet nothing at all. It is that big! My goal or wish is that someday I can get myself in enough shape to actually hike down into the Canyon. Going down is the easy part it is the upward hike that I am most concerned about!

Mother Nature is so beautiful and amazing. She is truly the master sculpture and deserves our respect.

Below is just a small sampling of the pictures that I took.

He makes me happy!

He makes me happy!

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge #10

Welcome to the last task. This one is pretty easy!
“Happiness is … ”

Complete the sentence and grow it. Keep it a maximum of five hundred words or less.


Enough said. He makes me happy!



Vacation recap: Things I loved and things I learned!

Vacation recap: Things I loved and things I learned!

I’m sitting here at my computer desk at work wondering what happened to the past week!?! It flew by in less than a blink of an eye. A fog. Now here I am back in the jungle with a front row seat to the shit show and I am already thinking about my next trip! Continue reading

Forever 21 plus size heaven!


Yesterday I went to the Fashion Show Mall and checked out the Forever 21… and I was super impressed!  Their plus size clothing is located on the second floor and it is huge!  There were four large sections and one was dedicated to bathing suits… so many bathing suits! We are moving in and moving up my ladies!

Continue reading

Red Rock Canyon tour


I did something yesterday I never really do… I went out exploring on my own. I took a guided bus tour to Red Rock Canyon and it was worth every penny… minus the annoyance of the bus getting a flat tire. He ended the tour early which was a bummer but we were pretty much nearly done anyway. Plus he dropped me off at my hotel instead of the one I took the monorail to for the pick-up. Continue reading

I made it!


I made it I can’t believe I’m on an actual vacation! I just got to say though what the hell happened to me? I don’t remember being so anxious in life or terribly claustrophobic. I’m grateful so much that the middle seat was empty. The second I sat down I began crying and my heart was beating fast. I started to settle down about 30 minutes in while we were over Pennsylvania. I put the flight tracker on the screen in front of me and that helped. I also read which took my mind off the flight. I sat by the window because I wanted to look out. Continue reading