Memory of that first house

Memory of that first house

I lived in a place prior to the first house. I was told this by my parents but that apartment rests in a part of my memory I don’t have access. The home I do remember was owned by my maternal grandparents. It was a greenish color with 4 levels. You had to walk up a ton of stairs to get to the house. I on the other hand preferred to take the dirt path that was between the railings of my grandparents’ house and the neighbors to the left.  I imagine that is because I always wanted to do things differently but that is for my parents to confirm. Regardless I thought it was more fun than taking the steps. To the right of the stairs was a three level bush/tree garden. Least that is what I call it. I used to like to play there. Continue reading

Never forget

On ​September 11th 2001 I was working at a supermarket when the news starting coming in about a plane hitting the World Trade Center tower. My boss wouldn’t let us leave. I was worried for my father because he worked downtown. On my break I was at the payphone calling his office and no one was answering. Luckily I was working the morning shift and by 11:30 I ran out and went to pull my brother out of school and get home. We walked in and were relieved to see my father sitting in the living room. He was covered in white soot from running from the area. He was able to get on one of the ferries back to Staten island. He was on the bus when they witnessed the second plane hitting the other building. 

At the time I didn’t fully comprehend the amount of lives lost until later that evening. This morning I watched some of the names being called and listening to the family members speak. No matter how much time has passed it still feels heavy on my heart. I’ll never forget staring out at the city watching the smoke rise. The empty place in the skyline seemed like a hole through the heart. It would be a constant reminder of that day. Of the senseless act that took all those lives. Even with the Freedom Tower it isn’t the same. I haven’t brought myself to visit the fountains but I hear it is very peaceful. 
I cry for all the lives lost and I pray for those families. I still can’t watch footage without feeling emence sadness. I don’t think I will ever not cry on this day. 

My view of this sad yet beautiful light from the passenger side. I don’t take photos while driving.