I ate food today
So world hunger doesn’t exist

I feel cold
So global warming is not real

I have health insurance
So others also have easy access to their medications and treatments

I am not sick
So everyone must be well

I have a job
So poverty is fake news that was perpetrated to give my money to lazy people

I live in a home
So homelessness is made-up

I don’t feel oppressed
So no other woman is oppressed

I am in a loving and healthy relationship
So domestic violence is a lie

I was never raped
So it is just something others lie about for attention or money

When something doesn’t effect me
It must not be real

When I don’t agree with something
It must not be real

If I don’t want to look it up
It must not be real

What is wrong with this picture?

Why can’t people think outside of themselves?

Days gone by…

It’s 8AM and the alarm is blaring
but hear it I do not
My eyes blink open and are staring
it is now 10 o’clock
Hardly time to brush the dust
from my sleepy eyes
In an hour leave I must
Let’s go, get up, arise!
Squeeze my pants over the buns
no time for a pose
Can’t wear sneakers so grab the ones
that hurt my pinky toes!
Wash face, brush teeth, ponytail
pet cat, and kiss my beau.
Grab my lunch and hit the trail
no time for moving slow
Drive in traffic, honk at cars
scream that’s not a LANE!
Frustrations got me seeing stars
driving is a pain
Get to work and circle block
until a space I find
Must punch in by 1 o’clock
some cuss words cross my mind
They want books, staplers, computers
and rooms to study in
I also point them to the tutors
and do it all with a grin
The printers either have a jam
or paper they are out
They open and close them with a BAM!
I stare over with a pout
Counting five, six, seven, eight
hours do go by
Make sure all the books are straight
Maybe tomorrow I’ll have Thai
Punch out the day is finally done
Quick run to the car!
Pass the others one-by-one
I can’t wait to take off this bra!
Park and open up the door
Shoes come off fast
Fall into the arms of my amour
Good to be home at last!
Three weeks flew by I forgot to blog
Give up I thought I must
Forget it! No! Push away the smog
In my readers I must trust

Guess what?

Guess what?

Symptom of happiness

My hands are tingling
and are beginning to shake,
My emotions intermingling,
Did I just catch a break?
This anxiety I’m feeling
is not impending doom,
My insides are reeling
and yet no thoughts of gloom
The road was rough
many lessons needed learning,
What didn’t kill me made me tough
while my stripes I was earning,
Love renewed my soul
and is the only thing that’s real,
It mended me whole
as it began to peel,
All that negative energy
that surrounded my mind,
Locked it far in my memory
with a key I’ll never find,
I learned to be optimistic,
So what should appear?
I’ll keep this simplistic
I have a brand new career!



It is a burning fire
In the pit of my gut
Will not bow to a crier
Now I’m stuck in a rut

Feeling scared alone
A stranger among many
Throwing chips down for one
Who wouldn’t loan you a penny

The fire is growing
With every daily addition
My energy is flowing
To fight this transition




Lately my life
feels like a dream
Is it all real?
Are we really a team?
You and I
together forever
Under one roof
In our new endeavor
Long gone are the days
my heart did roam
I will strive to make
this house our home


Let’s Measure: A nursery rhyme!

Let’s Measure: A nursery rhyme!

The eighth challenge was a bit of a toughie. You had to make a new version, or in my case and expansion, of a nursery rhyme. Going off yesterday’s post about the swimsuits, I hit google to find nursery rhymes that deal with the body. I found one that had to do with measuring and I added the second paragraph myself. Let me know what you think! Do I have a future as a nursery rhyme writer?!?
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