I ate food today
So world hunger doesn’t exist

I feel cold
So global warming is not real

I have health insurance
So others also have easy access to their medications and treatments

I am not sick
So everyone must be well

I have a job
So poverty is fake news that was perpetrated to give my money to lazy people

I live in a home
So homelessness is made-up

I don’t feel oppressed
So no other woman is oppressed

I am in a loving and healthy relationship
So domestic violence is a lie

I was never raped
So it is just something others lie about for attention or money

When something doesn’t effect me
It must not be real

When I don’t agree with something
It must not be real

If I don’t want to look it up
It must not be real

What is wrong with this picture?

Why can’t people think outside of themselves?

I am living in the Upside Down

I am living in the Upside Down

Good news for anyone who read my middle of the night post the other day. I am feel much better!

With that said… I feel like I am living in the Upside Down! This is a Stranger Things reference for anyone who hasn’t watched the Netflix series… I recommend it though… run go check it out! What I mean by all that is my days have flipped. I am working the closing shift at my new job and I don’t have the internet access that I was used to at my previous place of employment. This means that I will be unable to blog during my usual hours. Will this take some getting used to? Absolutely… but it is totally worth it to be back in a library! Yes the library as internet access but it is for school purposes only so no blogging during work. I can, however, in my spare time on my breaks write my blog posts out and just upload them at my earliest convenience. All in all great news I will still blog I just need to adjust to my new schedule. As a result I am breaking the rules and posting a bunch of letters that I missed out on. I hate to do this but I do not want to flood your feeds with individual #atozchallenge catch-up posts. So in this quick review I will be going through F to L. Continue reading

Things that annoy me part 1

People who assume

People who treat others crappy but somehow the person who feels crappy is the one at fault for feeling the way they do

Phony people

Fake friends

Adults who act like children

People who tell you what you want to hear




I’m taking a nap now.