Cruising for the first time!

Cruising for the first time!

Last week I had my first experience vacationing on a cruise. The whole family, including my fiancé, took a Carnival Cruise down to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport, Bahamas. So yup I have been absent again but with good reason… the internet access was terrible! We paid seventy something dollars and couldn’t get pages to load all week. I kid… it was for the best because well… vacation! Here is a breakdown of how it all went down plus pictures. Continue reading

Vacation break

Vacation break

I have emerged from my vacation realizing that I need to seriously stop thinking I can do these blogging challenges. Let’s face it I set myself up to fail every single time. Problem is that I feel these challenges stunt my ability to blog. I stress myself out trying to keep on schedule and I feel as though I’m forcing out posts just to satisfy the challenge. I feel like I haven’t written anything all that great recently so I’m going to stop forcing challenges and just blog with the flow. My brain just doesn’t want to work that way. I like to be all over the place. It makes me interesting! Least I think so. 

Anyway I am finally able to take some time to myself and jot down a few words for you. I spent last week on our annual trip to Las Vegas and then went for a road trip to the Grand Canyon.  I had a lot more work to do this time around in Vegas so there are not many pictures but I will write on that later. 

Y’all let me tell you if you haven’t been try try try to get to the Grand Canyon. It is absolutely breathtaking. I took soooo many photos because the beauty of it keeps changing with each viewing location, passing cloud, and movement of the sun across the sky. I never in my life felt so small and being a bigger girl that is a rarity. Normally I feel extra big… especially on anything transportation related.

We spent two days viewing as much of the Canyon as possible. We saw so much of it and yet nothing at all. It is that big! My goal or wish is that someday I can get myself in enough shape to actually hike down into the Canyon. Going down is the easy part it is the upward hike that I am most concerned about!

Mother Nature is so beautiful and amazing. She is truly the master sculpture and deserves our respect.

Below is just a small sampling of the pictures that I took.

Touring your own city

Touring your own city

The following passage is from the article New York City Welcomed Record 58.3 Million Visitors in 2015

NYC & Company President and CEO Fred Dixon reported that New York City’s total of 58.3 million visitors last year was 1.8 million more than 2014, with the overall estimate consisting of 46 million domestic and 12.3 million international travelers…

Not only did New York City break its all-time visitors record in 2015, but the domestic and international travelers numbers also broke their respective previous records.

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Painting a scene on the train



Let me describe the scene for you…

This was my commute home today… hardly a space to breath.  This is what was going through my head…

Why is there always a problem on the trains. I get out of work early and this is what I have to deal with. When the hell is this train ever this packed? Fuck I hate trains. Don’t put your arms up if you know you didn’t put some type of deodorant on. What the fuck is wrong with people. Why is this asshole in the blue shirt standing in my personal space. Does no one understand boundaries. I can’t breath. Okay five more stops to go. You did five. You can do five more. You got this. Omg. I can’t breath. The smell. So bad. Maybe everyone will get off the next stop. Oh holy hell no more just got on. Can’t they see there is no more standing room!  I don’t get it. Why why why!  Get me off this fucking train!

Finally gets off train and see line for the bus going down the block…


*Yes seems I love that f word… prefect sentence enhancer!

Excuse my absence!


Dear lovely readers,

My apologies for my seemingly absence. I have not posted as much as I would have liked too in recent weeks. I have several things drafted up and ready to be finished but I have been swamped at work. I am one person doing the work of two and I am leaving for vacation tomorrow so I had to make sure I wasn’t leaving them hanging on some upcoming events we are having. The day after I return we are having a faculty award ceremony and I had to make sure the catering was done, a retirement cake ordered, the awards were printed and jacketed, RSVP’s were counted, and room set-up submitted. All is done with 25 minutes of work left before I am off to Las Vegas!

I have nervous energy as I mentally prepare to fly for the first time in over 10 years. I also never gone this far but I need this so bad! I haven’t gone away away in the same decade! Any flying advice? I have an appointment with my therapist today and she is going to show me some breathing techniques in case I need them 🙂

Wandering Ravens: Eliminating poverty one product at a time!

Wandering Ravens: Eliminating poverty one product at a time!

I didn’t realize it until I embarked on my journey back to Earth… but… I am a blessed human being. I am surrounded by such talented and social conscious people that I am lucky enough to call my family and friends. I want to take time out to highlight these wonderful parts of my life (each in their turn) and talk about their creativity and talents.  Continue reading